200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved
Teacher Training

Specializing in Hatha Yoga Sequencing and Teaching an alignment-based Flow
and Restorative Sequencing and Modifications

This training is for those who are searching for a new path. Those who are on the precipice of change in their lives. This training can be the catalyst of growth and the inspiration for change. If you are interested, but unsure, We are happy to speak with you. Call or email  for more information or for placement in our program. 360.480.7917 or fireflyyogaolympia@gmail.com

The training at Firefly far exceeded my expectations; I was challenged not only physically and mentally, but also was prepared about the hardships I might encounter as a new teacher honing their skills. I feel that this was really a key component in making the transition from student to teacher. I am grateful everyday for the patience, kindness, and encouragement I received during training and beyond!
— Ashley Crute

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Time for change? Are you called to serve? Are you on the yogic path but want more? Is a deeper more meaningful life on your agenda? Have you been searching for a purpose? This training might be for you.

The Firefly Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training includes both a solid grounding in technical skills and the development of an empathic, intuitive approach to teaching. It prepares you with the foundation to teach any population to which you feel called from beginners to advanced practitioners, youth to the elderly. You will graduate with a solid foundation and the tools you need to support your ongoing personal evolution and excellence in teaching.

Firefly teacher trainings do not require the trainee to have any "level of accomplishment," we believe all practitioners have something to offer. We do prefer that you have a year of practice at whatever level you practice. We welcome all ages, genders and levels of yogi.

The Firefly teaching model incorporates many tools and techniques that guide students through their own journey as a student and a teacher, allowing each graduate to emerge with a “tool bag” of foundational skills and knowledge. Firefly graduates will be prepared to take their teaching career to a wide variety of populations and environments.

Any training can teach you to string together poses, the Firefly teaching model encourages and teaches you to teach from what you know best, your heart and your experiences. Become empowered to be the teacher only you can be and to attract YOUR students like no one else can.

Empower your students and provide tools for personal growth.

After the Firefly 200-hour teacher training, you will be ready to lead grounded, safe and inspired Yoga classes. You will also learn how to offer modifications, posture options, clarification of contraindications, and how to sequence a complete series of asana with progressive levels of difficulty and variety.

Philosophy. As a 200-Hour Yoga teacher, you gain a deeper personal relationship to yoga philosophy, with an emphasis on integrating Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Principles of anatomy and physiology. Focus on safety, joint movement, range of motion, and a functional understanding of skeletomuscular systems and structures.

Pranayama. Enable students to experience body-mind integration and purification through yogic breathing. Learn and practice creative ways of incorporating various pranayama techniques into your posture sequences.

Relaxation and meditation. Gain skills for centering yourself and your students. Create a safe space for enriching inward focus, guiding meditation, and cultivating deep relaxation.

200-hour Content Hours
Minimum content hours (as determined by Yoga Alliance) include:
Techniques: Instruction in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
100 hours
Teaching Methodology
30 hours

Anatomy and Physiology
20 hours

30 hours
10 hours
10 hours
200 hours


Early Bird Tuition - $2,500  - Early birds pay a nonrefundable deposit of $500 to hold your space, Full tuition due by day 1 of the training. After early-bird deadline full tuition is $2,750 .

In the event the training is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

Below is a form to request more information or to schedule an interview for  placement in the training or you can connect by email at fireflyyogaolympia@gmail.com or phone 360-480-7917.

I just taught my first yoga for all class for the winter at Indian Waters RV Resort. Seven women 4 of which had zero experience with yoga and a couple with body issues. Thanks, Lisa and Ronny for the great teacher training. I felt comfortable adjusting to the challenges and everyone seemed to like the class. We shall see what the rest of the season brings.
— Kathy Swarthout - May 2017 200-hour graduate
I decided to take a jump and enter into a 200- hour yoga teacher training. Was something I’ve wanted to do since I was 10, but never thought I’d be capable enough to do so. It’s been so amazing and I have learned so much. I only have one more month and than I graduate, which feels amazing to accomplish something! This past weekend I even taught my first class

Thank you to Lisa and Ronny!
— Jessica Swehosky
Just finished the teacher training and I love everything about Firefly!
— Mackenzie Giles

I embarked on a wonderful journey in the spring of 2016. This journey came in the form of a 200- hour training to become a certified yoga instructor, but it turned out to be much, much more. The format in which six other individuals and myself were engaged in was 14 hour days for eight days in a row on two different occasions. I found it to be like living in a delightful yoga bubble, that brought my classmates and myself very close together. When I first started, I expected only to be learning about the physical part, the asanas but what really occurred, at least for me personally was a spiritual awakening I can honestly say I have been permanently changed for the better. I now experience a much more satisfying personal yoga practice as well as having a better understanding of my body, mind and soul. To now be able to share with others the loving, healing, and nurturing practice of yoga in a safe and welcoming manner is now one of my most valued things in life. I am truly grateful for Firefly Yoga Studio and Lisa Cosmillo for this excellent chapter in my life!
— Monte Arnold
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I attended the yoga teacher training at Firefly on the recommendation of a Physical Therapist peer, who had also completed the training. I am very glad I chose this program! I wanted a program that would give me tools to improve my personal practice, and assist me in safe yoga teaching for my patients. I needed to be confident teaching at multiple levels. I got everything I needed, and more. Lisa and her team create a wonderful, supportive learning environment for you to develop into your own personal style of yoga teacher. No no rigid, cookie cutter concepts here. Safety and alignment are the roots. Your creativity and passion are the branches. I am thankful for the skills I learned and already put them into practice teaching in my community and to my patients. Beyond yoga asana, I learned more than I expected from the yoga sutras, and from Lisa’s strong background in tantra, and meditation. The practice and instruction on yoga nidra was transformative for me. I gained a deep sense if inner peace with regular practice. If this was the only thing I learned in this program, it would have been enough. I am so very grateful. Many thanks to Lisa, Ronny, and all the wonderful teachers at Firefly Yoga!
— Lisa Moore