Teaching Staff

Lisa Cosmillo

Lisa Cosmillo E-RYT 500 owns Firefly Yoga. Lisa has an undergraduate degree in education and a graduate degree in journalism. She has studied with Living Spirit Yoga in Olympia, WA and Zuna Yoga, in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Lisa teaches Hatha, restorative, vinyasa, chair and children's yoga classes and all with a touch of grace and humor. She is also the lead trainer for our Yoga teacher training program. She leads ongoing 200-hour teacher trainings in Olympia, WA and will lead a 300-hour training beginning in April 2018. In addition to teaching how to deepen a yoga practice, Lisa looks forward to passing on her knowledge of teaching and educational methodology, so every Firefly Teacher Training graduate will possess knowledge of yoga and solid teaching skills.

Ronny Pearsall

E200 - 500 RYT - assists in leading our teacher training program. He has held his 200-hour yoga certification from Firefly Yoga for almost 2 years and recently completed his 300-hour certification in Rishikesh, India. His methods draw influence from a background in ballet, modern yoga practice and classic Hatha. His philosophy as a yoga instructor is to be there as an usher to let people find their yoga and use it to create the change they want to see in their lives. And If we can all get some laughs along the way, that's okay too. Click here for more...

Eric Quinn

RYT 200 completed his Yoga teacher training with Firefly Yoga, Olympia, WA. Eric teaches a blend of adaptive Yoga including restorative, gentle, chair and basic Hatha Yoga. Students new to Yoga, returning students and those addressing specific needs will enjoy Eric’s classes. Eric also offers meditation classes. Eric began his yoga experience when coping with arthritis, degenerative disks and debilitating radial nerve pain. He found many benefits in the mind-body-breath awareness at Yoga’s core. Click to read more...

Sandra Kozlowski

RYT 200, is one of the first full bodied yogis in our area, pioneering yoga for every body for over 12 years! In that time, Sandra has introduced hundreds of people to their own body through the use of yoga, humor, meditation ,nurturing and breath work. Sandra is 200 Level RHY Yoga Alliance certified , Curvy Yoga and Y12 SR ( Recovery Yoga) certified. Click here to read more...

Monte Arnold

Hi my name is Monte Arnold, I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in June of 2016 at Firefly yoga studio!! I had been practicing yoga for about a year prior to that. Yoga has completely transformed my life, I feel honored to be able to share and pass on the gift of yoga. My intent during the classes I teach is show the more gentle and relaxing side of yoga.... to read more click here.


Martie Hammons

Martie has a compassionate personality. She loves bringing joy and laughter to her practice. She teaches and alignment focused practice giving close attention for limitations and ailments. She teaches Hatha, Restorative, Gentle and Yin Yoga. Her main focus is to help people who suffer from Chronic Pain. Click here to read more...

Aly Long

has been practicing yoga for almost twenty years. She decided to deepen her practice in 2007 by traveling in India for four months. While in India Aly studied and traveled with her Guru Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), also known as the hugging saint. Aly also studied yoga, meditation and thai massage while in India. After returning in 2008, Aly completed a 250-hour certified yoga teacher training in Tucson, Arizona. She received another 100 hour yoga training in Olympia, Washington. Click to read more...

Jordan Bell

RYT 200 has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology (Whitman College) and a Masters of Science degree in Wildlife Biology (Nicholls State University). She enjoys playing bluegrass music, spending time with her kitties, and adventuring out-of-doors. Jordan began practicing yoga in 2002. In December 2015, she earned her teaching certification at the Firefly Yoga studio. Click to read more...

Kat Eggers

Kat approaches yoga through the Kripalu Yoga tradition. Drawing from a background in both Tai Chi and yoga, her classes are a combination of movement and stillness. She welcomes students to get curious about how their bodies express each pose, and encourages experimentation and exploration. Frequent moments of mindfulness in each class allow students to turn inward and cultivate inner knowing. Kat's hope is to facilitate a conversation between students and the innate wisdom of their own bodies.

Susan Kanzler

200 ryt has practiced Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for the past 25+ years, although she really fell in love with Kundalini yoga about 4 years ago and has made Kundalini her main practice. Susan found practicing Kundalini and an Ayurvedic lifestyle helps her to better manage stress and feel more joyful, graceful, and energetic. Susan is eager to share Kundalini yoga with a larger community, so others may experience similar benefits. Click to read more...

Sri Ram

Sri Ram's classes are fed by a daily commitment to yogic practices on and off the mat. Having trained locally in Olympia with Nathan Hayes at Living Spirit Yoga he is grounded in the ability to listen intuitively to the body and instruct others in this ability. Following a call to deepen his practice he received further intensive training through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization in both Canada and India. Click to read more...



Durga has lived a disciplined yogic life since the age of 22 when she was initiated into the Sivananda Lineage. For 5 years she lived a life of austerity, worked, studied, and taught yoga in various Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Centres & Ashrams worldwide. Durga’s classes are centered on the wisdom of the breath and its ability to open possibilities in the body beyond the physical and gently lead the mind into meditation. Click here to read more...

shelly haas.jpg

Shelly Haas

Shelly Haas is a Transformational Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Guided visualization meditation has been a great tool for stress relief and personal growth for both Shelly and the clients that she works with, which is why she loves sharing these workshops. The meditations provide full body relaxation, and specific topics of visualization for personal growth. The attendees of her workshops experience great stress relief, eye opening experiences, heart opening experiences, and clarity on their journey in life. Shelly possess a calming & comforting way about her and provides a safe & welcoming environment that puts her workshop attendees and clients at ease allowing them to be open, relax, and make wonderful shifts in their life. Shelly’s passion is supporting those she works with in creating happier, healthier, more balanced, & full lives.

Maggie Neuse

is a Buti Yoga instructor. She has a loud and contagious laugh that draws you in, you just want to be around her. Her classes are packed with energy, laughs and love.

Maggie has been a Buti Yoga instructor since March 2016, just a few short months after she discovered this creative, dynamic practice. She has previously taught dance fitness classes around Olympia and loves the fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and strengthening that Buti provides. When she's not teaching Buti, Maggie works as a speech-language pathologist and loves cycling and hiking. She also recently had a baby girl this summer and you may even see baby Zoe in class from time to time!

heather kazda.JPG

Heather Kazda

Heather Kazda is an RYT-500 who trained at High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been teaching since 2008. As a licensed clinical therapist with a specialty in treating trauma through somatic awareness, her classes promote healing by emphasizing the movement of emotion and vitality through the body. Heather's classes facilitate deep embodiment and self-understanding through finding the precise alignment and wisdom of each pose and taking time in every asana to allow energy to increase, re-align and transform the body. Her use of poetry and somatic meditation in classes encourage a shift away from the weariness of the overwhelmed mind toward the deep nourishing well of heart centered awareness.

amanda head shot.jpg

Amanda Kalin

Amanda has always had a passion for working with babies and families, and the healing arts. Inspired by the birth of her own child and her college coursework, she began to pursue the path of a birth professional upon graduating Evergreen in 2015. As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, and as a mother herself, Amanda has gained deep insight into the physical and emotional needs of birthing bodies. She teaches prenatal and postpartum yoga to support the physiological and spiritual changes women experience during this transformation, and to hold space for community and connection with others in the same life-stage.

Julia Cereghino

Julia took her first yoga class 18 years ago as a freshman at Washington State University. It was love at first downward dog! Since then she has practiced many genres of yoga, always coming back to Vinyasa. The fluid body movements always felt right and blended perfectly with her dance background. Julia spent 15 years after college in Seattle where she worked in the Apparel Industry, spending the last 7 as an apparel designer for a local golf company. A move home to Olympia brought Julia to Buti Yoga. Click to read more...


Susannah Prenoveau

Susannah is an RYT 200 Hour instructor who was trained at Firefly’s Yoga Teacher Training. She began practicing yoga in 2007 and fell in love with it instantly due to its benefits for stress relief and increasing strength and flexibility. As her practice has deepened in the last couple of years, she has come to know yoga as a spiritual practice too, and it has helped her to be more fully aware of herself and those around her. Because of this, she decided to become an instructor to share all she has learned with others who seek the practice for similar reasons. Becoming an instructor to her means ensuring that yoga remains a part of her life, and that aging will be kinder to her as she keeps her body strong and flexible and her spiritual life deep and ever growing


Aaryn Smith

Aaryn is an RYT-200 registered yoga instructor with yoga alliance. She attended a liberal arts college in Santa Barbara, CA, where she majored in computer science with an emphasis in graphic design. After college she focused her efforts on product development, and marketing. Exploring an interest in organic cosmetics she developed a product that she marketed and sold locally in Washington state.

After transitioning to Florida, she recognized a yearning to deepen her understanding of the physical and spiritual healing powers of yoga and decided to further it's integration into her life by sharing her practice with others. Click to read more

en Jujuy.JPG

Alejandra Tibaudin

Ale is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner. She started her professional training in 2013 and graduated in 2016, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the first Feldenkrais lesson she experienced 14 years ago, to now finding herself teaching and sharing the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method classes, Alejandra is still discovering more and more layers of this method and how we can all use movement as a tool towards a better quality of life.


Meagan Hillier

Meagan was born in Olympia, and truly loves this community. Her desire, as an instructor, is to provide space for healthy living, gratitude for our individual journeys, and rest for our busy minds. Healthy community is created as we pursue life balance alongside one another.

Meagan has worked in office environments for more than 20 years. In 2000, she began practicing yoga to gain flexibility and relieve stress. Her journey in and out of regular practice has helped her realize the transformational benefits of yoga.

Sedentary careers do not support healthy balance for the body and mind. With daily practice, her body is more open, her posture is on point, She is more cognizant of her body, and her mind is at peace. Yoga has helped her to almost effortlessly integrate exercise, breath work, meditation and rest into her daily and weekly rhythms.

Although she has always found peace and connection while hiking. It is exciting to think that a reward, very similar to a refreshing walk outside, can also be realized by simply arriving at her mat! Yoga is something that can be practiced for your entire life, and Meagan is thrilled to share this experience and knowledge with others.